Sexting- Just Rude Pictures? Free Webcast

Brett Lee

Free Webcast

Brett Lee

Friday 25 May 2018 l 3:55-4:30pm (AEST)

Sexting is viewed as a growing concern. The webcast will outline what constitutes sexting, what makes sexting illegal and the risks and the reasons why young people engage in this practice. This webcast will highlight practical strategies on how to reduce the instances of teen sexting and how to deal with the illegal material.

About Brett Lee

Brett Lee is the Founder of Internet Safe Education. Prior to this, he worked in the Queensland Police Service, including for 16 years as a Detective in the field of Child Exploitation. During this time, he specialised in undercover internet child exploitation investigations. Brett’s goal is to ensure that as many children and young people are empowered with the necessary knowledge to ensure that they remain safe online. To this end, he has delivered workshops and training to schools, students, teachers, parents and law enforcement agencies on issues relating to internet safety. For his role in the development and implementation of software to track and identify online child offenders, Brett has received the Queensland Police Commissioner’s Gold Award.

About the Webcast

Generation Next recognises that not everyone can attend our face to face events so we are trialling this new initiative to make information on critically important topics available nationwide via a webcast. To maximise accessibility the webcast is free of charge. Setting up and executing these webcasts entails considerable costs. Please consider helping us offset these costs by purchasing our handbooks. All proceeds from handbook sales are used to cover the cost of our free webcasts, non profit events and research.

How it Works

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