Parent Engagement

When families and schools work together, children are more likely to build good relationships and do better at school. 

What are the most important things parents can do? - Read the Parent Engagement in Learning and Wellbeing Fact Sheet here.

Read Carmel Nash's article on Parental Engagement: Getting it right

We have developed a range of materials , please see below:

Debbie Pushor video clip-Parent Engagement

Parent engagement materials for parents

Parent engagement materials for teachers

Parent engagement materials for principals

Parent engagement materials for Diocesan Offices

The Family and Community Engagement Framework (FACE) was launched at the 2014 Catholic School Parents Conference.

The resources below (with links) are designed to help you understand and implement family and community engagement within your school community:

Family and Community Engagement Framework - this is the main document explaining the framework.

FACE Powerpoint presentation - this is the presentation by Carmel Nash at the 2014 Catholic Parents Conference.

FACE - Parent Engagement in Student Learning Framework

FACE - Growth and Renewal Cycle

FACE - Action Framework

FACE - Communication Check list

10 Things Schools can do to enhance Engagement

10 Things Schools can do to Create Partnerships

Useful Books

Useful Videos

Other Resources for Family and Community Engagement:

'The Toolkit' -    Strengthening family and community engagement in student learning resource

The Strengthening family and community engagement in student learning resource is a ‘toolkit’ of practical resources for school communities, designed to be used as part of a school’s planning and improvement cycle. Documents and proformas are embedded in the resource as attachments so that they can be downloaded just once as a complete set for easy access and printing.

ACARA recently published parent resources for the national literacy and numeracy learning progressions – including infographics, videos and a short series of FAQs.

The videos feature parents talking about how the progressions helped them understand and engage in their child’s literacy and numeracy development, while the infographics show how skills – like learning to tell time or write a sentence – generally develop in a particular order over the schooling years.

Strengthening family and community engagement presentation

This power point presentation by Carmel Nash, the Federation's Executive Director, was a workshop at the 2012 Federation conference.

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