Levy and Funding

P&F Levy (funding P&F)

The Federation relies on the goodwill of the Parents and Friends Association in Catholic schools throughout the state to provide the funding for its operation.

The Federation collects a membership fee or levy from all school P&F Associations. The levy for each P&F Association is based on the number of students enrolled in the school. In 2018, the levy is $6.40 per student (including GST).  The levy funds the operation of the Federation and its secretariat and provides finance to the Diocesan Councils and to the State Council for their important work.

Each school determines how the funds for the levy will be collected. In some schools, the levy is attached to the school fees. In others, the school pays the levy on behalf of the P&F and in other schools the P&F is responsible for raising and forwarding the money.  Some school communities choose to pay the levy by instalments - this is easily arranged through the Secretariat.

The Federation does receive a grant from the State Government but the big proportion of our revenue comes from the levy, so it is essential that all schools pay the levy if at all possible.


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