Just One Thing and Key Dimensions of P&F

'Just One Thing' attempts to get all families in the school to become engaged with their children's education. It is simply a way to get most families involved in at least one community activity for the year. (see link below)

The idea works well if used in conjunction with the document Key Dimensions of P&F.

Key Dimensions (see the link below) is an example of how some school P&Fs are explaining how parents are contributing in many different ways to the school community.  This approach is also used to encourage more families to participate in the life and activities of the school while respecting the different ways that different people like to interact with the school or with other people.

This model has been used to encourage every family to nominate 'just one thing' that they will support or even coordinate for that school year.  This allows people to participate or contribute in a way that best suits them.  And it does not necessarily mean they have to come to regular meetings.

 Just One Thing

Key Dimensions Document (PDF)

Key Dimensions Document (Word)